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Web Series

JapaDori of New York

​Japanese are following their dreams in New York

whats wrong with not being able to give up our lives and  ourselves!
Laugh if you want to!
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The melting pot, New York City.

Color of skin, body type, race, values, language, culture…

To the city where all of these are so diverse

Many Japanese come here on their own will.

For different purposes.

Student, backpacker, actor, sushi chef, dancer, hairdresser, artist, photographer...

American dream, for the career, partner’s job, the last moratorium...

Life in New York is like a comedy show that moves very fast.

Good or bad, anything can happen here.

It could be in 5 years, or in 5 minutes.

You never know what comes next.

Once you experience that thrill,

you can't leave this city no matter how hard it is to survive.

You will do anything to stay here.

This  is a story of 3 Japanese roommates who live in this city of attraction..

​Can you tell what is fiction and what is a true story?

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