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This is a show created by all Japanese actors and filmmakers striving in NY.

We all came at a different time in our lives with different reasons. 

But what we all have in common is that we came here to pursue our dreams.


People back in Japan often say its cool that we are in NY.

Or some people wonder what we are doing here.

Some of them are not even interested.


So, what is it really like to be living in NY, following our dreams?


Sure we often post about the hip spots in the city, or some fun party picture,

and share our recent work on social media.

But we don’t usually tell you about the boring stuff, embarrassing things,

or even dangerous part of our lives.


In reality, the life here may not be so glamorous like you often see on Instagram.

We may be constantly fighting with mice at home that is so old it always leaks when it rains.

Can't afford a deli salad because New York is so expensive.

We don’t wanna admit that we are so frustrated with our career

because we are not getting the jobs we want.


But at the same time, this city does offer us so many great things and inspire us.

We’ve met really exciting people we wouldn’t have met anywhere else.

There are  many different values and backgrounds that are outside of our boxes

and the city never fails to surprise us.


We realized our lives are full of interesting things,

but for some reason, we often keep them from Instagram

and only post beautiful and safe things.


So, we wanted to tell a story about that side of our lives that we don’t usually show.


What it’s like to be Japanese and following our dreams in New York.



And we created this show together throwing in ideas.

We really think you will enjoy this show.

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