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Taku (27)

A former dance prodigy. Now makes a living in New York by doing some sketchy side jobs at home. Hobby is to eat bizarre food. His blog “Melting Pot of Bizarre Food” has 6 followers. Always seeking a chance to make it in some business.


Akari (30)

Born in America, grew up half of her life in Japan and half in America. Bilingual. All her life choices were made to become a top actress. Making almost as much money as a full time worker at a ramen place trying not to face the fact that there are less auditions these days. Feels a lot of frustrations specific to Japanese Americans. Usually cool and reasonable, but not so good with unexpected incidents. Afraid of mice.


Mao (31)

Quit a stable office job in Japan and came to New York in order to search a life with no regret. Yoga at central park, and get some deli food at whole foods… wants that kind of instagrammer like life, and wants to get a half Caucasian baby to rise above her friends. Working very hard on dating in New York in order to make this come true.

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